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Offre numéro : GJ-5784

Project Leader Assistant

Project Leader Assistant
Localisation : Nord, LILLE
Expérience souhaitée :
Contrat : Stage     Publiée le : 22/01/19
Salaire : Non précisé

Détails :

>About the Living Soils Initiative

The Living Soils Initiative, launched by TFT (The Forest Trust) aims to accelerate the adoption of conversation agriculture practices by Farmers. According to FAO this type of agricultural practices are bringing economical, agronomical and environmental benefits to farmers while fighting climate change, as they allow the storage of carbon in the soil. They can also play a critical role in biodiversity’s conservation and regeneration. Indeed, a living soil allows biodiversity to thrive in cultivated lands, by regenerating the very basis of food webs. Thus, TFT aims to fight climate change and restore ecosystems by regenerating cultivated lands, at scale.
TFT’s Living Soils initiative accompanies farmers who are willing to implement those conservation practices but who are lacking the technical support. Starting with a pilot project in a major French agricultural region, the initiative is innovating to scale-up these practices by creating new economical tools to finance farmer’s transitions.

>Responsibilities and Scope

Under the responsibility of the project leader of the Living Soils Initiative, the intern’s responsibilities will be the below:

• In-depth study of retailers and agro-industrials agricultural supplies (from procurement specifications to agricultural practices on field), including both desk research and field study
• Elaboration and follow up of action plans aimed at transforming agricultural practices towards conservation farming practices
• Participation in projects development in France, including but not limited to mapping of key actors, crop rotations, agricultural practices
• Support in research and information monitoring on the sectors (information monitoring on the sectors news, conferences, meets with producers on the field)
• Support the project leader in the development of high quality project proposals
• Implementation and follow up of traceability surveys on other sectors such as cocoa, soy or palm oil
• Data analysis, risks prioritization, action plans recommendations

>Requirements – Candidate Profile Minimum Qualifications

• University degree or higher in a field related to agricultural science, rural development, agronomics
• Good understanding and high interest in agroecology, ideally in conservation farming practices
• Good understanding and a high interest in agricultural supply chains
• Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
• Excellent organizational skills and keen attention to detail
• Strong analytical skills, including the ability to analyse systems and identify key issues and risks
• High level of rigor and autonomy
• Interest and commitment for TFT’s visions and missions

The candidate will have to demonstrate rigor and practical sense in the different database analysis that will be given to him/her. Good analysis, synthesis, editorial and organizational skills will be also required. Plus, the autonomy and initiatives shall guarantee a versatility in the missions.

Language skills:

• Strong communication skills in French (speaking and writing)
• Good communication skills in English (speaking and writing) preferred

Personal characteristics:
• Ability to work in small teams with varying workloads
• Passion for working on issues related to sustainability, resilience, human rights and supply chains
• Hands-on, practical, innovative
• Flexibility, takes initiative/proactive and positive attitude
• Ability to work within a multidisciplinary and multicultural team
• Ability to handle multiple tasks and work autonomously
• Committed to TFT values:
o Focus on action and on-the-ground results;
o Entrepreneurial spirit;
o Client-focused;
o Open collaboration and communication;
o Humble;
o Respect for each other.

Le recruteur :

About The Forest Trust (TFT)

TFT currently has presence in 19 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, India, and several locations within West Africa, Europe and the Americas. We employ 230 people worldwide and work with big and small companies, communities and producers of raw materials to create compelling cases of transformation. With an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we work on the ground with people to create inspiring transformation stories. We focus on creating value, engage without judging and carry hope and a positive vision of the future.

What Makes Us Unique

Beyond providing advice on policy set up based on our strong technical expertise, we see the world through interactions and relationships. Operating between two worlds (NGO-Companies/Buyer-Supplier), we encourage our partners to look inside, and are not only their environmental conscience. In addition to traceability and assessments, we create and innovate solutions to the challenges companies and communities face.

What We Offer

• A unique work experience in a fast-growing and dynamic non-profit directly impacting the conservation of the environment and improvements in human rights and social equity through supply chains.
• A dynamic environment with the chance to work in a multicultural team.
• The opportunity to lead complex projects, build customer relationships and develop new business, with exposure to different tasks.

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