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Offre numéro : GJ-5676

Sales Facilitator & Waste Warrior

Sales Facilitator & Waste Warrior
Entreprise : Too Good To Go
Localisation : Paris
Expérience souhaitée :
Contrat : Emploi     Publiée le : 14/11/18
Salaire : Non précisé

Détails :

You can apply either in French or in English. A perfect use of French is mandatory for this job.

You will be a part of a fast-growing, young and dynamic start-up (about thirty talents now, and counting!), where you will contribute to make the world a better place!
Too Good To Go fights day-to-day food waste by helping food stores and restaurants to sell their unsold products at low prices.
Launched in France about 2 years ago, and now present in 8 other countries, Too Good To Go meets a crazy success: already in a few months, more than 4800 stores and restaurants, all around France, have joined the adventure and have saved more than 6 million meals in total from the garbage bins in Europe!

Job context:

In the heart of the Sales Team, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a sustainable startup backstage!

Every new Waste Warrior gets trained on our expertise: food waste awareness, sales approaches and techniques, market knowledge, processes and tools.
You’ll get an intensive 2 weeks training to bring you to be a true Waste Warrior. You know what’s best? You also have knowledge to teach us: we built everything on a co-construction and continuous improvement basis. Everyone matters and have a word to say here, and that’s not going to change!
We build our relations on trust and kindness and this works both ways.


Your missions:
You’ll be in an evolving position: start from inbound leads to cold calling and facilitation.
Acquisition: you’re in charge of looking for & contacting prospects following a detailed strategy. You do everything you can to introduce them to our solution.
Negotiation and persuasion of prospects: you use your best arguments to convince stores to join Too Good To Go and fight against food waste. You set up the best offer so stores sell their leftovers and fits with their needs.
Facilitation on prospects : you find a way to turn 1 contact become 10 contacts !
Sign the store : you make sure that stores give us all necessary information so you can add the account on the app.
Train the store and their employee about food waste but also about the store application.
Follow up with the stores: you will keep the relation with the store for 1 month and a half to set things up well with them and maximize their impact.
Your profile:
We’re looking for a one of a kind person that is not afraid to work as long as having fun!
You’re dynamic, ready to change the world and and course you strongly believe in Too Good To Go!
You already have an experience in sales (call and/or terrain).
You’re a terrific talker (and listener) with the ability to quickly connect and establish relationship with potential partners - restaurants, cafes and more.
Cold Call Kings and Queens - zero fear of the phone and the tenacity to keep trying when things get tough.
You never take no for an answer, it’s only the opening for negotiations. Challenge is your main motivation!
You could sell honey to a bee - but you won’t because because we love bees.
You’re hungry - you're results focused, understand KPIs and driven to hit smash targets.
You’re independent, you know how to schedule your time to handle several projects at a time.
An experience in a charity and/or in the food industry can make the difference.


Your team:
Has a social & environmental mindset and puts all its energy in maximizing its impact!
Shares knowledge: gives input and ideas to grow all together #sharingismagic
Targets excellence and grows fast!
Believes in each other and dare to create: initiative is key.
Prefers beer to water… ;)

Are you interested?

Please send your application including CV and great answers to our questions :D
We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Deadline to apply is 12/12/2018

Le recruteur :

Too Good To Go : l'appli qui te fait manger en réduisant le gaspi !
L'appli qui fait du bien

C’est la lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire à portée de smartphone : une appli qui te met en relation avec les commerçants de ton quartier pour te permettre d’aller sauver leurs invendus en fin de journée !

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